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About HeartSong

Organizations, like the people who create them and work in them, have special ‘life’ milestones to celebrate. Recognize and honor the history of your organization with a ceremony created specifically for the needs and values of your company.

Did you realize greater profits than budgeted? Of course, your staff members contributed to that gain! Recognize their efforts with a personalized ceremony to let them know that you appreciate their focus and dedication. Employee recognition is especially well-suited to ceremony and ritual. Create a positive tradition. Tie your staff to your organization’s future with sincere, specially crafted ceremonial events to acknowledge their contributions and goals met.

Wise leaders know that their organizations operate like a human system, with each system or business unit related to all others. Companies are healthy and productive when all the interrelated systems contribute and employees find meaning in the work. Transitions in leadership, mission or location can create interruptions in company systems. Ceremonies help staff to acknowledge the transitions and to participate in those changes in a positive way.

HeartSong founder Celebrant Linda Lehman-Murphy has 25 years experience and expertise in organizational leadership and transition. Linda guides the endeavor to co-create meaningful ceremonies to recognize your staff and to smooth those transitions. Contact Linda to discuss your specific needs and desired organizational outcomes.

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