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Ceremonies for Times of Loss

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About HeartSong

HeartSong founder Linda Lehman-Murphy helps to ease these passages and create healing through ceremony. Find support, acknowledge the loss, honor your loved one, celebrate a life, make a change.

In times of loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship or a job, it is important to recognize that these are important life passages that change us and become a part of us. Begin the process of reconciliation of those losses through ceremony and ritual. Include those whom you love in this passage and transition. Honor the past and create a meaningful and joyful look to the future.

Meet with Linda and tell her the story. She crafts a ceremony that is uniquely suited to you, to your wishes and values, and to those you honor. Include special stories, songs, pictures or objects that define and describe the person or change to be honored. You meet and talk as often as needed to get it just right. Then, on the day of celebration, Linda orchestrates, choreographs and officiates.  In this way, your attention is focused on the moment and on the transition. 

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